The R.N.L.I.

The Unofficial Crest of the lifeboat someone designed

If any organisation deserves a coat of arms it is the Royal National Lifeboat Institution(R.N.L.I.), which an organisation who operates 24/7 365 days a year search & rescue boats and beach lifeguards all over the British Isles, and despite the term 'royal' receives no government aid or funding but is completely financed by public donations! In 2012 RNLI lifeboats were called out 8,321 times rescuing an average of 22 people a day often in extreme and dangerous circumstances. 

The emblem of the RNLI is their house flag which is well known around the British Isles and is in the logo:

It is also the justifiable centerpiece of my coat of arms design:

The crest features a naval crown with a Severn Class seagoing lifeboat on a rough sea. The supporters are seahorses. From what I am aware the R.N.L.I. has no official motto, although the family motto of its founder "With courage, nothing is impossible." and "Let not the deep swallow me up" as well as "Always Ready" and "Never turn Back" are all unofficially associated with lifeboat crews and memorials. 

Personally I thought "Always Ready" and "Never turn Back" were the most inspiring and so I used the motto.

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About this station

Walmer lifeboat was one of 19 lifeboats that took part in the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk. Celebrating nearly 150 years of saving lives at sea, Walmer lifeboat crews have been presented with over 25 awards for gallantry.

The R.N.L.I. is the charity that saves lives at sea. They provide a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the coasts of the UK, as well as a seasonal lifeguard service on many of the busiest beaches in England and Wales.

The R.N.L.I. also works to promote sea and beach safety.

Main Contact Details

Walmer lifeboat station, 

The Strand, 

Walmer, Kent

CT14 7DY

Telephone - 01304 374475